Living In The Ghetto

Since 2012, I’ve lived part-time, and since 2016, full time near the center of all gay life in South Florida. Wilton Manors, according to several sources that are a few years old, ranks 2nd in the nation for the number of gay couples per 1,000 residents. Overall, the Fort Lauderdale area ranks 4th in the… Continue reading Living In The Ghetto

Trumps Not All Bad

Some who know me would be surprised to learn that despite the fact that I think Donald J. Trump is an asswipe, I’m not displeased with everything he has accomplished. He is a terrible person, who I would not welcome in my home under any circumstance, but over the last three years of his presidency,… Continue reading Trumps Not All Bad

America’s New Civil War

Some of my relatives accuse me of being overly political, but I insist to them that until they have grown up as a gay person, being actually deprived of some very basic human rights, or in fear of being deprived of some very basic human rights, they have absolutely no ground upon which to stand.… Continue reading America’s New Civil War

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Jury Duty

It’s been awhile since I last had a summons for jury duty. I’ve only been called twice in my entire lifetime, once in Florida, and once in Colorado. Both times, I was selected for the jury, and both times I was elected as jury foreman. I really enjoyed the experience both times, and I completely… Continue reading Jury Duty

Dumb Things We Do As Kids

As the current Governor of Virginia, and the next three guys in line have recently discovered, suddenly it is a “thing” to be held accountable for some dumb thing you did as a kid, so far back in time that you can’t even remember you did it. Rather it be blackface, a DUI or a… Continue reading Dumb Things We Do As Kids

Getting Friendly with Andrew and Michael – some advice for Floridians

On August 23, 1992 Hurricane Andrew roared ashore the coast of Florida just between the towns of Cutler Ridge and Naranja Lakes. Most everyone recognizes Homestead as it’s place of devastation, but in truth there were a dozen little communities that were affected just as badly. I was renting a house in Cutler Ridge and… Continue reading Getting Friendly with Andrew and Michael – some advice for Floridians

Enfant Terrible

I’m certainly not a highly lauded professional political commentator or pundit. Lord knows there are plenty of them out there, blogging away to their audiences large or small, as well as filling the airwaves on every possible network known to mankind in nearly every country on the planet. God only knows that I don’t fit… Continue reading Enfant Terrible


When I returned from working in Okinawa in 1995, I stewed around the house I shared with my cousin Ron and my Mom for months, doing pretty much nothing but making copious amounts of bread, elaborate chocolate cakes and five course dinners. I had enough money in the bank to live a little while with… Continue reading Venezuela

Religion in Russia

Russia seems to have a problem with Jehovah’s Witness’s, and has officially categorized them in the same folder as Islamic Terrorists. Now I’ve had my own share of problems with that particular sect. When I was in my 20’s and in the Navy, my first wife and I had the good fortune to live a… Continue reading Religion in Russia

Mr. Trump Goes To Washington

Donald J. Trump has actually been President of the United States for a little over a day now. Something that most thinking adults of a moderate to liberal frame of mind have been agonizing over for months. It’s now reality, and despite all the chants and posters and laments that he isn’t our president, the… Continue reading Mr. Trump Goes To Washington