When I returned from working in Okinawa in 1995, I stewed around the house I shared with my cousin Ron and my Mom for months, doing pretty much nothing but making copious amounts of bread, elaborate chocolate cakes and five course dinners. I had enough money in the bank to live a little while with […]


My younger son and I don’t speak. I’ll admit I’m the world worst parent, having done some pretty vile things in my life, of which I would rather not speak. In my old age, I’ve come to terms with my past actions, and while I may not sleep peacefully all the time, I am what […]

Growing Old

According to most of the people that I hang around with, at age 60, going on 61, I’m not old. I’m a mere youngling. Either I need to get new friends, or they are right. I’m not sure which way to fall on this. However, I’ve certainly had some time since I retired in September […]

Amazon has killed off any chance of finding a good book …

Ok, I have two varieties of kindle devices, I’m as guilty of creating the problem as Jeff Bezos might be, I can only plead that there isn’t much alternative because Amazon has made the old-fashioned bookstore an anachronism. I have a largish bookcase in my home filled with books that all have a central theme […]