I want to steal an Immigrant’s job!

OK, so the title of this post is a bit inflammatory, but since President Trump seems to want to make a lot of his Presidency about how bad it is to have immigrants in this country, I’d like to take a minute to point out exactly what it is that immigrants, especially illegal immigrants actually do once they are here in our country.

I’d bet my next Social Security check that you’ll see very few illegal immigrants in this country taking jobs as Doctors, Lawyers, College Professors, CEO’s of multi-national companies, stock brokers, tax preparer’s, policemen, firemen or teachers.

Instead, you’ll most likely see illegal immigrants changing the sheets in your hotel room. Or working at that smelly old meat packing plant out in the boondocks of Nebraska. Or working on the crew that mows your lawn in 8 minutes flat.

And I’d bet my last dollar that if you go to any agricultural farm nearly anywhere where something is being picked or processed by hand, you’ll find an illegal immigrant.

Oh, and what few sewing factories are left, making shirts or pants or jackets? Yup, gonna bet you’ll find some illegal immigrants there too.

And you know what? If you actually sit down and talk to all the illegal immigrants holding down these otherwise miserable jobs that Americans no longer want, you’ll find that a majority of them are doing it because it’s better than what is available in their home countries.

Have you read the news lately? Doctors in Venezuela making $2 a month? Hospitals that don’t have band-aids? Gangs in Mexico that shoot you for your shoelaces?

The truth of the matter is that there is a place in this country for illegal immigrants. Instead of making it so hard for these workers to enter the country, we should have a guy at the border with a clipboard, listing all the jobs that you won’t let your precious daughter or son fill, and our problem would be solved.

Why are we persecuting these people? They are NOT taking jobs away from Americans. No American wants to be a maid or a dishwasher. We’ve taught our kids that the day they graduate from that crazy college that they went $500,000 in debt to attend, they should start applying for CEO jobs around the country.

When was the last time you looked around your neighborhood and saw a teenager mowing a lawn? They are all inside playing video games.

We’re losing touch with what it means to be an American. Hard work, starting from the bottom and working up, and you’ll eventually be somebody.

I know I’m not the only person ashamed of our President. I don’t care what political party he claims to be a member of, the man is an ass hat and should not be representing the Great American Democracy.

Anyway, since the border is now being manned by the Army, could you tell your daughter that the sheets on my hotel bed need to be changed?



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