Trumps Not All Bad

Some who know me would be surprised to learn that despite the fact that I think Donald J. Trump is an asswipe, I’m not displeased with everything he has accomplished. He is a terrible person, who I would not welcome in my home under any circumstance, but over the last three years of his presidency, he has done a few things that fall on the good side of the balance sheet.

He has worked to gain the release of many people from captivity, most of them Americans. Among the released are captives held in Turkey, North Korea, Egypt, China, Portugal, Venezuela …the list goes on. This is a good thing for which he and members of his administration deserve due credit.

Wages have gone up some 3% or so, the most they have gone up in a decade. Low skilled workers seem to be the biggest beneficiaries, and it happened under Trumps watch, so he gets the credit. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that the wealthy have gotten even wealthier, leaving wage earners to lick at the scraps.

Opioid reform, criminal justice reform, sex-trafficking legislation, the right to try experimental medication – all of these mostly bi-partisan legislative bills were also passed under Trumps watch, and again, he has to be given some credit.

During the Trump term in office the USA has surpassed both Saudi Arabia and Russia in oil production. Previous administrations also helped pave this roadway, but the big push was under Trump.

There have been new trade deals with numerous countries, all improving the advantage to America by some degree. These deals are also good things.

What a lot of Republican’s can’t seem to understand about a lot of Democrats is that we are not always against everything that is accomplished by this administration. Our biggest beef is that there are plenty of other outstanding Republicans who aren’t dirty cheats and crooks who could do the same job in a manner befitting the decorum of the Office of the President of the United States.

Our reputation among our allies and the world in general is in the toilet, and many of our allies are beginning to wonder if we could ever be trusted to back up some of the treaties that we have signed.

Has Mr. Trump committed crimes of treason and misdemeanor under the constitution? I’m 100% sure that he has, along with the numerous crimes he and his family have committed and continue to commit with regard to his business operations.

Then there is the actual harm he is doing to the foundation of our democracy in his resistance to Congressional subpoenas as they try to do their constitutionally mandated job of oversight of the executive branch of our government.

The President is not a king. He is not above the law, and we should not allow him to continue to believe this in any way. He is a despicable person, but anyone with any sense has to realize that even as inept as he is, some good things have been accomplished and we need to give him his due, even if it is reluctantly mumbled from behind our hats.


By Jim Richardson

A cranky moderate gay democrat making his way through his sixth decade on earth.

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