The Emperor is Unclothed

Most people I know have spent the last year or so, isolated from many friends and most family, and watching in horror as the United States of America slowly melts into brown colored pile of sludge beneath one of Donald Trump’s feet. Four years ago, many of us were shouting warnings at the top of our lungs that this would happen. Some of us no longer speak to old friends or family members because of Donald Trump and the style of politics he now heads in triumph.

If you recall, four years ago and again in the months leading up to this past November, the only story on social media was political. There was no middle, and you were not allowed to not pick a side.

Thankfully, Mr. Trump was soundly defeated this past November. The problem seems to be that about half the country refuses to accept the results. About half the country seems to be mesmerized by the steady flow of angry tweets that flow from the bowels of the White House from @realDonaldTrump. What is even more disturbing is that some people we have elected to represent us in Congress are still trying to cling to the coat-tails of Mr. Trump so as not to anger the right-wing crowd that voted them into office. It makes me sad to think that these Congressmen and Senators who are clinging to this sad spectacle might in private know that they are wrong, but cannot bring themselves to speak out because of the fear they have of angering those who voted for them.

Over the past four years I’ve watched Mr. Trump destroy nearly everything that has made the United States shine as a better place in the world. Yet, even now, as I write this there are scary stories in the news about meetings in the White House where things like “martial law” were openly discussed.

Sidebar stories show up with headlines such as “White House Staff Scared….”. I am beginning to dream at night of a dystopian and dark future, a scenario where Phillip K. Dick and his Man In The High Castle wasn’t just a story. Why can’t we see Donald Trump for the scheming evil fool that he really is underneath that bouffant hair? How can so many otherwise reasonable people really believe that Donald Trump is the person we want driving our country into the future? Our Emperor Has No Clothes was a story by Hans Christian Anderson, often included in books of short stories for children. Mr. Trump has cared nothing for the country, his only goal is to appear as pompous and important as possible. To wear the finest cloth, to be fawned over as much as possible. He has pleaded to the courts that he received 75 million votes, the most of any President ever! without mentioning that his opponent beat him by nearly 8 million votes. He refuses to accept the obvious, and is managing to make his defeat a headline story every day, just so that he can see his name above the fold for yet another day. Millions of us want him gone, and soon he will no longer be occupying the White House, but I am sure he will be trouble for us until the day the last twitch of his fingers eek out a final tweet.

By Jim Richardson

A cranky moderate gay democrat making his way through his sixth decade on earth.

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