Jury Duty

It’s been awhile since I last had a summons for jury duty. I’ve only been called twice in my entire lifetime, once in Florida, and once in Colorado. Both times, I was selected for the jury, and both times I was elected as jury foreman. I really enjoyed the experience both times, and I completely… Continue reading Jury Duty

Woe is Us! Part 2

On Monday, April 2nd, the Supreme Court of the United States issued an opinion in a 5-4 vote that allows people arrested for minor offenses to be strip-searched before being admitted to jail, even if officials have no other reason to suspect them of carrying contraband or weapons. I am almost positive that when the… Continue reading Woe is Us! Part 2

Woe is us!

I’ve posted on this before in a previous blog, but since that post went up in smoke when my previous service provider decided to change software without notifying me, I’ll have to write it again. I know our educational system is putting out a lot of students who can’t point to the states on either… Continue reading Woe is us!


There is an article in the New York Times today, that scares the holy beejezus out of me as much as anything else I’ve read about how some dang fool has discovered another way to make things “easy”. Apparently these remote clicker devices are now being introduced into our schools as a way for teachers… Continue reading Click!