Getting Friendly with Andrew and Michael – some advice for Floridians

On August 23, 1992 Hurricane Andrew roared ashore the coast of Florida just between the towns of Cutler Ridge and Naranja Lakes. Most everyone recognizes Homestead as it’s place of devastation, but in truth there were a dozen little communities that were affected just as badly. I was renting a house in Cutler Ridge and […]

I want to steal an Immigrant’s job!

OK, so the title of this post is a bit inflammatory, but since President Trump seems to want to make a lot of his Presidency about how bad it is to have immigrants in this country, I’d like to take a minute to point out exactly what it is that immigrants, especially illegal immigrants actually […]

Enfant Terrible

I’m certainly not a highly lauded professional political commentator or pundit. Lord knows there are plenty of them out there, blogging away to their audiences large or small, as well as filling the airwaves on every possible network known to mankind in nearly every country on the planet. God only knows that I don’t fit […]