Republicans vs. Democrats

Most reasonable people are simply tired of politics. In 2023, politics is a sure fire way to have the dinner dishes bounced off the wall and long time friends no longer speaking. I have a difficult time understanding what today’s Republicans actually want to happen. As I understand it, if you are a Republican today,… Continue reading Republicans vs. Democrats

Life or Death

If you live in South Florida, the nightly news is spending a lot of time on the penalty phase trial for Nikolas Cruz. Jury selection is ongoing, and is expected to last another full month, and the trial, once underway is expected to last as long as six months. Apparently, here in Florida, we want… Continue reading Life or Death

My Partner’s Dog Dudley

I often thought that my relationship with my partner’s dog was that we mostly considered each other a nuisance that the person we most cared about forced us to deal with, completely against our joint wills. When John and I met in 2007, he had a West Highland White Terrier named Cody. Cody was already… Continue reading My Partner’s Dog Dudley

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Free Rent?

The whole subject of paying rent has become more of an emotional issue this past 18 months than would would think about something so basic to human existence, at least in America. For at least my life on earth, I’ve pretty much taking housing for granted. Not that it was all that easy sometimes I… Continue reading Free Rent?

America, the Broken

The images on my TV from the siege of the American Capital building on January 6th, 2021 are ones that I thought I would only see in some dystopian version of the world from a novel. I’m sure that some of the people in that crowd were simply carried away in the moment and really… Continue reading America, the Broken

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The Emperor is Unclothed

Most people I know have spent the last year or so, isolated from many friends and most family, and watching in horror as the United States of America slowly melts into brown colored pile of sludge beneath one of Donald Trump’s feet. Four years ago, many of us were shouting warnings at the top of… Continue reading The Emperor is Unclothed