The Emperor Has No Clothes

 For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the general American public is failing to see that our new Emperor Has No Clothes.

Is it really Presidential to send out a dozen tweets at 3am in the morning because you don’t like what a reporter in Sioux Falls said about your hairdo? How can we fail to take seriously that our President-Elect is trashing our intelligence community? A presence which has kept us safe since at least the end of World War II? How can we fail to see that our President-Elect and many of his picks for top cabinet and administrative posts are beholding to one or another Russian VIP’s?

It still boggles my mind that poor rural and inner city Americans voted for this man in the hope that he would better their lives. How can they continue to fail to see that once he is in office, and with Republicans controlling both sides of Congress and soon the Supreme Court that their lives will slide from barely hanging on to something akin to the unwashed and untouchable Indian castes who pick through garbage daily in hopes of finding a meal and something to ward off the elements.

The slim hope that Republicans will finally see the light and impeach Donald Trump a year or two from now doesn’t make me feel any better because we would then end up with Mike Pence as our President.

He’s not a whole lot better when it comes to making America a better place for all of our diverse population. He’s a reformed homosexual, believing firmly in the conversion therapy, and wants to cut most if not all socially beneficent programs that are funded by tax dollars.

I’m sort of in the middle. The government should stay out of my bedroom and my pockets as much as possible, however I do want good roads, reliable bridges, and I believe we should take care of our veterans and elderly and handicapped. If you are of sound mind and body and just don’t want to work, then to heck with you and good luck finding a place in the woods to pitch a tent.

Donald F. Trump, our incoming President, is probably the worst disaster to ever strike our shores. Our very existence will be at stake, and we can only hope that Congress will realize the mistake that has been made and move swiftly to impeach. The American people will rally in 2020 and flock to the polls to make amends for the disaster of 2016. It’s our only hope. There is no Obi-Wan-Kanobe to save us.


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