Mr. Trump Goes To Washington

Donald J. Trump has actually been President of the United States for a little over a day now. Something that most thinking adults of a moderate to liberal frame of mind have been agonizing over for months. It’s now reality, and despite all the chants and posters and laments that he isn’t our president, the fact and reality are that Mr. Trump is indeed our President.

While I have no respect for the man, I’m forced to take the stance that we simply must give the man a chance. His ego is insufferable, he speaks with the vocabulary and tone of a belligerent fourth grader, but as horrific as it may be, he is the President of the United States.

We’ve lived through awful Presidencies before. During Reagan’s tenure, hundreds of thousands of young, virile, beautiful gay men died while the word AIDS was never uttered by Mr. Reagan.

Richard Nixon was a despicable criminal, although much more educated and well spoken than our Mr. Trump, but still, a man who was hell bent on improving his own lot and not that of our country.

Andrew Jackson surrounded himself with the most vile of companions, and had parties and gatherings at the White House where the furniture was literally carried off or destroyed. Surely Mr. Trump has a bit more decorum than Andrew Jackson?

Mr. Johnson, on succeeding Lincoln was said to be so drunk at his inauguration that he could barely stand. I do think that at least Mr. Trump was sober, in fact it’s reported he has never had a drop of alcohol, although he does favor fast food over anything more sophisticated.

Compared to Mr. Obama’s inauguration in 2009, Mr. Trumps was a bit more muted and certainly not attended by as many people. News photographs comparing the body count on the Washington Mall show obvious empty spaces, and it was reported that along the parade route, there were many hundreds or thousands of empty seats. So, while those who did attend were exuberant and excited, there was definitely not an overwhelming crowd such as what was obvious in past Presidential inaugurations.

Then there is the subject of protests and violence in Washington D.C. What are these people trying to communicate and just how well do they think their message is being received? Surely they can’t possibly think that running down the street bashing in windows of innocent merchants with a hammer is going to win them any friends from the left or the right. Thuggery is thuggery, no matter your politics or your reasons and these people are simply Thugs and whatever message they are trying to send is lost in the violence and the smoke and the noise.

In the end, Mr. Trump is indeed resident at The White House. The People’s house. The First Lady is indeed a former nude model, who speaks heavily accented English, but dresses beautifully.

We have no choice but to give this administration a fair chance to succeed or fail on their own merits. Each of us have our own special interest area that we hope gets attention, but more importantly, there is a whole country to be looked after and protected, and we’ve laid that task at the feet of Donald J. Trump.

Time will tell what kind of job he will do. His inauguration speech was full of a lot of promises that if carried out, may indeed make the United States a better place. Let’s give the man a chance to prove himself.

We don’t have to like the man, but we still need to respect the office he holds and the power he now wields.

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