Brave New World

Well, Democracy wasn’t saved by the electors yesterday, so the last chink in the wall to protect our country from being overtaken by evil failed to work. Our founders tried their best to envision all the dangers possible, and worked hard to build into our constitution many ways to protect our fragile and new form of government.

They foresaw an uneducated rabble, easily enticed by a smooth-talking cad, full of promises, and they tried to codify methods to work around such things. They did not foresee that a Congress could exist that would turn their heads and let Democracy die.

Congress and politics has increasingly become a gathering of elite multi-millionaires. Our gullible voting public flocks to whoever has the most attractive and glitzy advertising, and this takes money. Only the very rich can afford to run for office anymore, even down to county level in many cases. The rewards of having a political office are so great, that many aspire to it because of the power, and to some extent the prestige.

Donald Trump will be sworn in this coming January, less than a month from now. He has made all sorts of promises, but has said little about how he will go about fulfilling those pledges, and I’d be willing to bet that he has little interest in anything but continuing to build his personal prestige and family brand. He’s already openly practicing nepotism, with our Congress turning a blind eye, while groveling to obtain the leftover crumbs scattered in his wake.

I think our Democracy is experiencing the highest level of danger it’s ever undergone. I have no idea what will happen in the coming short span of a few years. Revolution? Civil War? It’s entirely possible, and some say even probable.


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