Religion in Russia

Russia seems to have a problem with Jehovah’s Witness’s, and has officially categorized them in the same folder as Islamic Terrorists.

Now I’ve had my own share of problems with that particular sect. When I was in my 20’s and in the Navy, my first wife and I had the good fortune to live a couple of blocks from the local coven of Jehovah’s Witness, and we were often blessed at 6:45 a.m. on a Saturday by a few of them banging on the front door.

I got to where I’d just answer the door in my tighty-whities, with one hand down the front, cigarette dangling from one corner of my mouth and usually they’d freak and run.

But, do I think they are terrorists? On the same order as those guys that carry a bomb in their backpack on the way down to the local elementary school? Nah, they are actually pretty harmless, although like cockroaches, persistent as hell.

To my sad regret, I’ve not had nearly as many visits from cute pairs of Mormon boys, paired with matching black ties, white shirts and bicycles. Most of them are 20’ish, and there is no such thing as a non-cute 20’ish Mormon boy.

I think though that they too have been trained to flee should a 60’ish guy answer the door in his tighty-whities, no matter how good he might look.

Seriously though, why is Russia so afraid of religion? Since I’ve been on the planet, Russia has been our #1 enemy for like 85% of the time. The 15% of my life that they haven’t been actually labeled as an enemy, they’ve at least been on the “we don’t trust ’em very much” list. I’m not a political scientist, but I think that at least one of the reason’s that the Russian’s have been on our crap list for so long is that they don’t allow “freedom of religion” in the same way our beloved constitution has laid out in frilly ancient handwriting.

But, also seriously I don’t think that the Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Mormon’s or even the Southern Baptists are that much of a cause for panic among whatever is left of the Russian Politburo.

The government of the United States is falling apart. I often wonder if it will last another decade. We’ve become so polarized that our two party system has devolved into a kindergarten fight. But, at least we still let every religion and some that are just poser’s (Wiccans?) live in peace and do whatever they think their religion calls for, short of blowing up something.

Religions’s aren’t a cause that government needs to worry about in any serious way. Let them do their thing – it’s just another way to keep folks happy. ┬áIsn’t that the ultimate goal of governments? Keep the folks happy whilst you’ve got both hands on their wallets?

I think this is a bad move, but then again, does anyone really care what the Russian’s do, except maybe our honored President Donald?


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