Woe is us!

I’ve posted on this before in a previous blog, but since that post went up in smoke when my previous service provider decided to change software without notifying me, I’ll have to write it again.

I know our educational system is putting out a lot of students who can’t point to the states on either side of them and name them accurately, or spell the street they live on, or explain how the founders of our country were brilliant and set us up with a constitution that provides for checks and balances with three branches of government, but I’m hoping enough of them are annoyed with our state of affairs that they learn. Knowledge is power, and a citizenry armed with knowledge is as dangerous as any other.

As my Dad used to say, a man who speaks from both sides of his mouth isn’t to be trusted. President Barack Obama did that the other day when he made a statement that warned the “unelected” Supreme Court against striking down his health care law.

Now rather you are for or against some or all of his health care law, you should be incensed that a President of the United States, a former constitutional law professor, and a man who has the power to appoint a person to the bench of the Supreme Court would come out with such a bald-faced statement, that has so much wrong with it on its face that it is hard to find a point to begin.

One of the primary functions of the Supreme Court is to provide a check and balance against laws enacted by the Congress that are unconstitutional. It doesn’t matter how much good someone thinks the law might do, or how many people might benefit from such a law, if it violates the constitution, then the Supreme Court must strike it down.

If Congress wants to make new laws that are not possible with the current constitution, there is a mechanism in place to modify it. If 38 states ratify an amendment to the constitution to change or add a provision, and Congress then makes a law that fits within that change, the Supreme Court will leave it alone.

Like many other people in the United States, there are some portions of the health care law that I like, but there are other portions that I think violate our basic rights as American citizens. My Government should not be able to force me to purchase a product I do not wish to purchase, or cannot afford to purchase. If I am struggling to feed and clothe and house my family now, what will the added burden of mandated health insurance do to me?

It is utterly irresponsible for the President of the United States to infer that “unelected” judges have no rights to make decisions on important cases. Unelected judges are the best kind because they have no reason to alter their decisions in order to win an election, or raise campaign money.

If the President of the United States can’t understand how the three branches of government are supposed to work together to protect the people of the United States from an onerous, tyrannical government, then Woe Is Us.

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