Help! I don’t know what to eat anymore.

A prominent story in the London Telegraph today says that women who halve their consumption of red meat are more likely to suffer from depression. However, just days ago, another article, from another study postulated that any red meat at all raised your risk of dying. So, which is it? Or, can we just reduce […]

Chicken Little, or lessons we didn’t learn from history

Jorge Agustin Nicolas Ruiz de Santyana y Borras was a Spanish philosopher, although he was raised as an American, and considered by many to be American, but is perhaps most well known by non-academics for his saying “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” As I recall what I was taught […]

What have you done for me lately?

Lots of democrats, and more than a few republicans are having a great deal of fun thrashing this years slate of republican nominees for the 2012 presidential election. I’ve done my part as well, posting about the two republican front-runners, listing their stances on the issues. Interestingly enough, I hear a lot of negative talk […]

Jim Crow ain’t really dead

I grew up in South Florida, in the late 1950’s, through the early 1970’s when I finally left the South for service in the U.S. Navy. As a small child, I clearly remember seeing water fountains and restrooms segregated, with signs marked “colored only”. I was a freshman in high school in 1969 before I […]

Wait a minute, and Mitt will change his mind ….

The other day, I posted my opinion about Rick Santorum. I promised I’d post a similar piece about Mitt Romney, so I suppose I have to put out some effort and go figure out what I really think about the man. Although I’m a registered Democrat, I’m actually more of an Independent and often will […]

If Santorum were President …

…would it really be all that bad for Gays, Lesbians, Women and the liberal young America as people are thinking? Rick Santorum thinks that: Abortion should be outlawed even in cases of rape and incest Capital Gains taxes should be locked in, and in some cases corporate income tax eliminated A lot of regulations enacted […]

Half the world has a penis ….

One of my favorite Showtime series is the american adaptation of the original British series “Shameless”.  As with Showtimes treatment of Queer as Folk, the american version is a bit more lurid, a bit grittier, and a whole lot of fun to watch. One of the characters, Carl, possibly 11, or 12 made a statement […]