I read a really well written article by Josie Duffy this morning on GAWKER, and I couldn’t help but notice that underneath the pain a thread of hostility bubbled, just barely detectable. I am not unfamiliar with racism.  A child of the south, I grew up in a time and place where the last vestiges […]

Woody Allen

I’ve never been a huge fan of Woody Allen movies. Probably the one I like best is Radio Days, where he really didn’t appear, but it was nominated for best original screenplay. There is a huge wave of sentiment on the internet these days about allegations that he may have molested his 8-year old daughter. […]

Unionizing the Service Sector

Throughout much of the later 19th and early to mid twentieth century, many, if not most, blue-collar jobs in America were unionized. Unions became popular, particularly in industrial jobs, with large memberships of average working-class men and women who had previously suffered poor working conditions or unfair wages. Unions not only changed the working environments […]


We’ve all heard of the creepy NSA surveillance done by the U.S. government, which gathers electronic bits by the bucket load, apparently without any legal standing. We should all be absolutely furious at our government, and we should make our displeasure known at the ballot box. It’s not likely that will happen of course, we […]