My younger son and I don’t speak. I’ll admit I’m the world worst parent, having done some pretty vile things in my life, of which I would rather not speak. In my old age, I’ve come to terms with my past actions, and while I may not sleep peacefully all the time, I am what… Continue reading Parenting

Trump, the Antichrist

Donald Trump is the best hope that the Republican party can offer in the 2016 Presidential election. And, it seems that it is scaring the holy crap out of most genuine Republicans. Of course most reasonable people are already clued into the fact that electing Donald Trump is a scary propostiion, on the order of… Continue reading Trump, the Antichrist

Growing Old

According to most of the people that I hang around with, at age 60, going on 61, I’m not old. I’m a mere youngling. Either I need to get new friends, or they are right. I’m not sure which way to fall on this. However, I’ve certainly had some time since I retired in September… Continue reading Growing Old

Leaving Colorado

After almost 20 years in Colorado, I have returned to Florida, land of my birth, source of much of my DNA. I was born in South Florida, as was my Mother, and my maternal grandparents and one set of great-grandparents came to Florida back in the 1920’s. Florida was much different in the 1920’s. Hell,… Continue reading Leaving Colorado

An Open Letter to Hillary

Dear Secretary Hillary: I was listening to a radio show on PBS the other day when one of your spokespeople was asked a question about whether or not your relationship with the rich hedgefund managers of Wall Street might give voters pause. Your spokesperson jumped right in with the answer that she didn’t think it… Continue reading An Open Letter to Hillary

The Law vs. Ethan Couch

Unless you have been living in a cave the last few years, you have certainly heard of Ethan Couch, otherwise known as “The Affluenza” guy. While it may seem like this guy is first cousin to Typhoid Mary, he isn’t. In actuality, he was a sixteen year old boy, blond haired and fair of cheek,… Continue reading The Law vs. Ethan Couch

Amazon has killed off any chance of finding a good book …

Ok, I have two varieties of kindle devices, I’m as guilty of creating the problem as Jeff Bezos might be, I can only plead that there isn’t much alternative because Amazon has made the old-fashioned bookstore an anachronism. I have a largish bookcase in my home filled with books that all have a central theme… Continue reading Amazon has killed off any chance of finding a good book …

Losing Someone Important

We’ve all suffered loss. A parent. A sibling. A boss. A best friend. If you have lived at all, you’ve lost someone important to you. Sometimes you don’t even know you’ve lost someone important until weeks or months later. You may think that people in your past are no longer important. You can kid yourself… Continue reading Losing Someone Important

Rusted Copper Tears

As of 2014, the population of the United States was about 318.9 million people. According to an article at Infoplease, the population of Native Americans is about 5.2 million people. I don’t claim to be a math genius, but even my weak skill have determined that this mean that over 99% of all residents of… Continue reading Rusted Copper Tears

So Long, Goodbye

The list of people who wake up in the morning and think to themselves “Today is the day I’m going to die”, is probably pretty short. I’d imagine it would be limited to people who have planned a suicide for some time and death row inmates. The rest of us just muddle along through life,… Continue reading So Long, Goodbye

The Bathroom

The modern bathroom has only been with us for a little over 100 years. In fact, they haven’t really changed much in basic design. Fancier fixtures, whirlpool tubs, a lot more glass and polish, but the basic arrangement of a tub, a sink and a toilet have remain relatively unchanged. Before the “standard” bathroom evolved,… Continue reading The Bathroom